• The Victorian Age

    Historical Events:
    -The period starts with the death of Sir Walter Scott in 1901.
    -The Crimean War 1854, Britain's first war for forty years.
    -Britain became the richest manufacturing country in the world, in order the Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace in London 1851 was built for occasions and became the highest point of this success.
    -A strong republican movement grew in the 1870s.
     Literary Genres:
    -Novels became the most important forms.
    -The great series of Waverly novels by Sir Walter Scott became best sellers all over the world.    
    -Charles Dickens: criticized the society, the main theme in his writings was the suffering of children and the poor, his work (Oliver Twist and Nicholas Nickleby)        
    --About two young boys which suffers terribly in their lives; Oliver's bad treatment in an institution forthe poor and working for criminals and Nicholas's life in a Yorkshire school.
     -Charlotte Bronte: wrote (Jane Eyre)a woman who starts as an orphan poor child who goes through many sufferings until she meets Mr Rochester who has locked up his mad wife in a room and end up marrying Mr Rochester and becoming more independent than ever.   
    Essays: most writers of the Victorian period wrote for newspapers and magazines.
    -The most known essayist of this age was Charles Lamb his Essays of Elia were written for The London’s magazine, but he was more of a social observer than a critic.
    Poetry: Robbert Browning, he was the master of the dramatic monologue from the Victorian age, and "My LastDuchess" is one of most famous of all such poems.
    1890’s: Oscar Wilde was the most important writer in the final years of the nineteenth century, His novel The picture of Dorian gray (1891) reached its highest point of reality and appearance.
    Done By: Haya-Amal-Hajar-Hind