• Stanley Fish

    Stanley Fish Biography

    v     He was first of his family go to college.

    v     Notably influenced by John Milton criticism.

    His theory

    v     He is one of the most Contrerer Sail Figures in contemporary literary theory , and  developing in American Academy.

    v     Fish is leading critic of Jhon mitton of his generation of inventing his theory relays on the reader response .   

    Fish Style of writing

    v     His influenced by Jhon mitton critism , good example of his work paradise lost and surprised by sin for Stanley Fish .

    Summary of his argument

    v     Interpreting  the ( Variorum ) for that who refuses the formela of ackroedgment and unity of adjustment required the reader . 

    Fish extended views of responses

    v     He believes in consuming Artifacts by showing 17 th century writers such as Thomas Browne & Jhon Donne .

    v     Even though that he still writing , but Jhon mitton is always the conflict refering point to Fish .


    v     His works has especial indelby marked contemporary litrary theory on interpretation concept .

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