• “Eveline” by James Joyce

    James Augustine Joyce was an Irish writer born in Rathgar, near Dublin, Ireland on the 2nd February 1882 and died on the 13th January1941. He was born into a Roman Catholic family, but he rejected Catholicism at the age of 16.  Dubliners was Joyce’s first publication in fiction, it was published in 1914. It was a book made up of short stories, “Eveline” being one of them. 
    1.	Eveline Hill 
    2.	Frank 
    3.	Ernest Hill (Eveline’s brother that died) 
    4.	Harry Hill 
    5.	Eveline’s father 
    6.	Eveline’s mother 
    1.	Eveline’s house 
    2.	The station at North Wall 
    1.	Women being stuck in one place. (not being able to change their lives). 
    2.	Irish Society. 
    3.	Fright. 
    4.	Passion. 
    The figures of speech used in “Eveline” are: 
    1.	Simile’s E.g. She set her white face to him, passive, like a helpless animal. 
    2.	Personifications. E.g. Frank was very kind, manly, open hearted. 
    3.	Hyperbole (exaggeration) E.g. She would not cry many tears at leaving the stores. 
    4.	Onomatopoeia’s (noises) E.g. Clacking. 
    Eveline, a women who misses her past , who is abused by her father and who feels very alone has finally had enough and wants to run away with the man (Frank) whom she thinks she loves. When the time comes for her to leave she cannot leave, she is more scared of change than her own life.
    Extra Information:
    1.	There is hardly any action taking place. 
    2.	Joyce uses the word invasion at the beginning of the novel. 
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