• Benjamin Franklin

    His life:
    •	He was born in Milk Street, Boston in 1706.
    •	He dropped out of school, and then at the age of 12 he worked with his brother as an apprentice in a printer.
    •	His first piece was published by his brother, called "Silence Dogood."
    •	As he grows up he touts his self to speak a several languages.
    •	He is one of the founding fathers of the United States, and he served on the committee to draft the declaration of independence. 
    •	At the age of 41 he was a politician, a scientist, writer, diplomat, and a philosopher he also founded a library, invented a stove and established the first fire department in Pennsylvania.  
    •	He died in 1790.
    Remarks concerning the savages in North America (1784)
    •	The article shows how much the savages are more polite and civil than them.
    •	 There are many different ways of life than the colonist.
    •	He wanted to point out also that the Indian are a very good people and they have the wrong idea about them. 
    •	 The colonist people should not always expect anything in return of their hospitality and to behave more like the decent and politeness of the Indians.
    •	The article also talks about the religion and how if it is not yours that does not mean it is wrong.
    •	 Figures of speech:-
    1.	Irony:
    •	"We will take good care of their education, instruct them in all we know and a make men of them
    2.	Allusion:
    •	"They beheld a beautiful young woman descend from the clouds, and seat herself on that hill, which you see yonder among the blue mountain".