Lost sister

Cathy song (1955-present)


·         A Hawaii native and daughter of a Chinese orphan, was born and raised in America.

·         Calling herself “ a poet who happens to be Asian American”

·         Poet and educator. Instructor of creative writing at various universities.

·         She received an M.A in creative writing from Boston University.

·         Her style of writing makes the person enter a field of vision and released the imagination.

·         Graduated of Wellesley College.


·         Picture Bride, 1983

·         Frameless, 1988

·         School figures, 1994

·         The land of Bliss, 2001

·         Cloud Moving Hands, 2007

The poem:

·         The poem is about a comparison between two generation of Chinese woman, one chooses to leave china and begin anew life in America. The other chose to remain in china and experience the culture the way it was meant to be.


·         Limitations and Opportunities, Identity, Wilderness.


·         Two part poem of five stanzas.

·         Written in free verse.

·         The poem is full of alliteration “ makes men move mountains”


Mariam Mujarby

Bashayer Al Enzi