The Negro Speaks of Rivers By Langston Hughes

* James Langston Hughes (1902-1967) was an African-American poet, novelist, playwright.

* He died of cancer.

* He began writing poetry in the eighth grade, and was selected as Class Poet.

* His father didn't think he would be able to make a living at writing, and encouraged him to pursue a more practical career.

* His first published poem was also one of his most famous, "The Negro Speaks of Rivers", and it appeared in Brownie's Book.

* He devoted his life to writing and lecturing.

* He wrote The Negro Speaks of Rivers when he was 18 years old.


About the Poem

* The poem was first written on the train to Mexico near the Mississippi river.

* Hughes first wrote it on the back of a letter he got from his father.

* The time and place were what inspired Hughes to write the poem.

* The poem was inspired by the sunset and how the mud by the river turned to gold.

* The poem speaks about the black people’s history through-out the life of mankind.






                                                                                                    By: May Salem Farraj