Nour Al-Dahas

Sarah Jassim


Nathaniel Hawthorne 1835

Young Goodman Brown


Nathaniel Howthorne:


Nathaniel Hawthorne is the only nineteenth-century American fiction writer to be known in both his own time and ours. He was born on the fourth of July in 1804, at 27 union streets in Salem, Massachusetts.
His stories and his four full-length romances- The scarlet letter (1850), The house of the seven gables(1851), The Blithe dale Romance(1852), and The Marble faun(1860)- quickly became part for an American literature equal in extent with the national culture.


Young Goodman Brown:



- 3rd person narrator.



Protagonist: Young Goodman Brown.-

 Faith: Young Goodman Brown's wife-

- The Devil

Goody Cloyse, the Minister, and Deacon Gookin-



- At sunset, 17th century

Salem, Massachusetts-



Guilt vs. Innocence-

Alienation vs. Community-

Good vs. Evil-



-Young Good man Brown is drawn into a covenant with the Devil. Brown's views about the goodness of his society are crushed when he discovers that all the companions, including religious leaders and his wife are meeting the Devil. At the end of the story, it is not clear whether Brown's experience was nightmare or reality.


Dream Vs. Reality:

- Howthorne leaves a question whether Brown's experience is real or imagination. Keep in mind that a good mentally people like you sometimes accept fantasies as real events. Also, some people see evil in a person who has done no evil.