"I died for Beauty" by Emily Dickinson

Done by:

Shaikha AL-Adwani

Lina Nabil


v Biography:

v Name: Emily Elizabeth Dickinson.

v Date of birth: December 10, 1830,

v Place of birth: the family’s Homestead in Amherst, Massachusetts.

v Her position: The middle child of Edward (1803-1874) and Emily Norcross Dickinson (1804-1882).

v Date of Death: May 15, 1886

v Cause of death: Bright’s disease followed by a stroke.

v General Information:

v She is one of the greatest American poets.

v Wrote in the Romantic Period.

v  After she died, her poems were published and she became famous.

v She lived a life of a hermit.

v Although She had many friends, she never married.

v A number of her people died in quick succession, including her mother, her friend Judge Otis Lord, her young nephew, her good friend Helen Fiske Hunt and Dr. Charles Wadsworth.

v Influences:

v “Dickinson’s deepest debts were to the Bible and to British writers.”

v She knew the poetry of Longfellow, Holmes, and Lowell.

v Ralph Waldo Emerson, Milton, and Keats were favorite of Dickinson.

v William Shakespeare was also a potent influence in her life.

v She read the poetry of Charles Dickens.

v “But the most English contemporaries who mattered most of her career were Elizabeth Barrett Browning and the Bronte sisters.”

v Her Subjects:

v She poems mostly were about death. Also she wrote about life, love, nature, time, and eternity.

v The work progress:

v High idealism.

v Yearning for companionship.

v Gradually give way to.

v Mute death.

v Cold death.

v The pattern:

v ABCB rhyme scheme.

v Dashes and regular meter.

v The first stanza and the third & the second and the fourth.

v Create the four- three , four- three stress pattern.

v Iambic style.

v The Poem shows:

v That every aspect of human life ideals, human feelings, identity itself--is erased by death

v But by making the erasure gradual--something to be "adjusted" to in the tomb.

v And by Portraying a speaker who is untroubled by her own grim state

v Dickinson created the grotesques feeling of compelling frightened and comfort at the same time.