Zeinab Hassan

A’Shaatha Al-Sharji

The Witch’s Husband
Judith Ortiz Cofer

The author:

- Born in 1952, Hormigueros, Puerto Rico.

- Raised and educated in New Jersey, The United States.

- Wrote in several literary genres: poetry, short stories, autobiographies, essays, and young adult novels.

- Received numerous awards and honors for her writing.

- Is currently a Professor of English at the University of Georgia.

- was influenced by folktales, myths, and fairy tales told to her by old Puerto Rican ladies.

- Her protagonists usually suffer the conflict of becoming wholly American or essentially Puerto Rican

The text:

- Narrator: The daughter, First person narrator, has a limited point of view.

- Main Characters: 1) The granddaughter (round/dynamic) 2) The grandmother (round/dynamic) 3) The grandfather (flat/static)

- Characters in the witch’s story: 1) The witch’s husband (flat/dynamic) 2) The witch (flat/static)

- Plot: Exposition: introducing the grandparent’s conditions and the problem that the narrator is trying to solve.

Rising action: The grandmother starts telling the story of the witch’s husband.

Climax: The granddaughter asks her grandmother about the lost year.

Falling action: The granddaughter discovers the real reason of why her grandmother went to New York.

Resolution: The granddaughter accepts her grandmother’s wishes of not wanting to go to the nursing home.

Theme: Element of folklore – Personal needs/space