"The Christmas Play"

By Rudolfo Anaya




-          Rudolfo Anaya was born on October 30, 1937. In New Mexico.

-          Soon after he was born Anaya's family moved to Santa Rosa, Mexico, where Anaya spent the next fourteen years.

-          His fiction draws heavily on the superstitions and myths of the Mexican-American culture that commingled with the traditions of the Roman Catholic Faith.

-          Spanish was spoken in the home, and Anaya was not introduced to English until he went to school.

-          Life in Santa Rosa gave Anaya a sense of security and belonging that was torn from him when his family moved to Albuquerque in 1952.

-          After graduating from Albuquerque high school in 1956, Anaya attended a business school.

-            When his studies proved unfulfilling, he enrolled in the University of New Mexico, where he began writing fiction (for himself).

-          In 1966, he married Patricia lawless.

-          Over a period of seven years, Anaya completed his first novel Bless me, Ultima.

-          Finally in 1972, a group of editors accepted the book.

The Story:

-          The main theme is multiculturalism.

-          The protagonists are the children.

-          Narrative Technique: The story is written in first person narrator.

-          Characters:

-          Miss Violet (round character).

-          Children (round characters, protagonist).


-          Exposition: when the children where preparing for the play.

-          Rising Action: When the boys started to act very badly.

-          Climax: started when the boys made a huge mess on the stage.

-          Falling Action: the students (audience) left the room and it became quiet.

-          Resolution: schoolhouse became like a tomb without the kids.