Christine De Pisan

the Querelle de la rose


-c.Di Pisan: one of the most remarkable literary women of the middle ages--born in Venice – a daughter of a civil councilor .

-she worked in most of the dominant prose and poetical genres of her time.


-Her work “the Querelle de la rose” is a major attack on the “Roman de larose” for jean de Meun.

-the Querelle de larose :is a literary debate that took place in the opening years of the fifteenth century. (it takes the form of a letter)

-Pisan attacks Meun’s work because it represented women as wicked objects of desire.

-she calls meun’s roman de la rose as “idleness”

-she’s saying that this man showed us that women are bad, this means that the women he was in touch with are bad, and that makes him bad too.


-She’s a feminist although she states that this defense is not out of a feminine trend.


-Generally Christine Di Pisan attacked the morals and manners that are badly attributed to women in that time.