Simone De Beauvoir

The Second Sex

Transendence and Immanence:

A human being is neither more nor less than the sum total of her or his actions

Beauvoir believes that all human beings have within them the potential for both transcendence and immanence

Road to transcendence is blocked for women because they do nothing, they fail to make themselves anything

The myth of the Eternal Feminine:

Takes the values, benefits, practices that constitute woman’s experience and projects them as timeless, unchanging essences

The myth becomes the only reality and woman is defined as the absolute Other of man and denied any subjectivity

Patriarchy relies on the myth of woman’s essential immanence and her otherness in constructing male subjectivity

The myth of Mystery:

Women are mysterious and beyond the comprehension of men

Men do not understand the secret essence of femininity simply because it does not exist

Women may not understand men but they are not considered mysterious because the term only applies to the oppressed other

Myths have their roots in the spontaneous attitude of man towards his own existence and toward the world around him, used for self-justification, imposes the laws and customs of a society

Because times are changing and the status of women is changing men must accept without reservations the situation, only then will women be able to live in this situation without anguish or confusion


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