The definition of ecocriticism: pg.248


A: What is ment by ecocriticism or (green studies) ?

B: What is ment by ASLE ?


The presentation of Ecocriticism in both USA and UK: pg.248-251




This theory began in the late 1980s



The acknowledge founder is CheryII Glotfelty.


The preferred term is ecocriticism.


Ecocriticism seems to be strongest in universities away from largest city.


The Ecocriticism exists by:


A: Ralph Walled Emerson.


B: Margaret Fuller.


C: Henry David Thoreau.


The American tends to be celebratory.


The infastructure of ecocriticism is more developed. 


This theory began in UK in the early 1990s


The founder figure is the critic Jonathan Bate


The preferred term is green study.


It is being wide spared especially in universities and collages of higher education.








The British tends to be minatory




While in UK it is less developed.



(3)  There are four environmental areas showing the movement in them going from nature to culture: pg.255


Area 1 : wilderness

(represent pure nature)



Area 2 : The scenic sublime

 (represent both nature and culture)



Area 3 : The country side

(represent both culture and nature)



Area 4 : The domestic picturesque

(represent the predominately culture)



(4)  Turning criticism inside out: pg.257


 A: Ex: Ralph w. Black supported his piece by mentoring the story     of “ king Lear”. Pg.258


 B: Ex: “The fall of the house of Usher” by Edgar Allan Poe.                    Pg.259


(5)  What ecocritics do?  Pg.264



Presented by:

Mariam AL-Mulaifi

Hanan AL-Zubaid