The Contemporary Period

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1939- Today

Events of the period:

*Second world war ( 1941)

*Cold war between communist countries and the west

*U.S. becomes a cultural and economic force in the world

*British influence gets weaker



The Novel

The novel told stories of the second world war

1940s George Orwell

                - Most of his books had a political Intention

                - Animal Farm ( 1945)

1950s- 1960s Female writers began to emerge

                  Muriel Spark

                  - The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie ( 1961)

                  Agatha Christie

                  - Woman detective story writer

                  - Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple

1970s Present--> 4 new directions

       The focus on foreign and local, regional voices

       - Timothy Mo (Mixed Cultures)

       More female voices

      -Angela Carter

       The academic or campus Novel

      - History man by Malcolm Bradbury

4)Fantasy/Magic Realism

       - Angela Carter



This is when the younger generation came into Literature

T.S. Eliot

       Wrote about the second world war

Dylan Thomas

       Wrote about death

     Do not go gentle into that good night



2 new trends :

       Absurd Drama: Drama that is made to point out how meaningless life is

      - Began in France in the 1940s reached Britain in 1955

      - Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett

       Social Drama: The concern of the younger generation. They saw a need to change society and add new values to the modern world.

        - Look Back in Anger by John Osborne 1956